Diamond soft grinding wheel 6” x 1.5” 140 grit


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  • Description
    These wheels have diamonds are embedded within a tough, flexible plastic resin and backed by soft, thick rubber. I have these in 140, 280 and 600 grit, but more are available. The grit size on the soft wheels doesn’t relate to the same grit size on plated or sintered hard wheels. I have been using a 140 grit which seems to cut like a 360grit hard wheel. The 800 grit is a perfect prepolish, but will not remove any scratches. These wheels are brilliant for finishing curved surfaces without any faceting. Must be used with water. Recommended speed 2800rpm, although they work well at slower speeds All come with a 1″ arbor with bushings to bush the arbor to 3/4″, 5/8″, and 1/2″