Resin diamond belt, 8″ x 3″ 280 grit

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    These resin bonded diamond belts are a less expensive alternative to electroplated belts. They are very good for getting a fine finish on glass or stone. This size is made to fit the 6″ expanding drum.

    The grit size on the soft wheels doesnt relate to the same grit size on plated or sintered hard wheels. I have been using a 140 grit which seems to cut like a 360grit hard wheel. The 600 grit is a perfect prepolish, but will not remove any scratches. These belts are brilliant for finishing curved surfaces without any faceting.

    Heres what the manufacturer says:

    With resin belts, sanding and polishing doesn’t have to be a tiresome battle with flat spots and scratches. These wheels get results fast. The diamonds are embedded within a tough, flexible plastic resin and backed by soft, thick rubber. This soft, flexible construction enables the surface of the wheel to conform to your stones, eliminating flat spots and scratches. MUST BE USED WITH WATER.

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